Coffee & Cameras 5

This past weekend I hosted the fifth Coffee & Cameras meet. The weather was gloomy, rainy and cold while friends from four cities came together for a friendly and hilarious gathering. I had the lovely opportunity to hang out with a bunch of talented and creative minds. Aaron and Sam drove down from Valdosta. Dylan and Ryan drove up from Spring Hill and Tampa. Andrew drove over from Tallahassee. Royce took the bus from University of Florida’s campus. Steele – that’s his real name – seemed to have appeared from thin air. 

We gathered in the warm sanctuary that is Relish and quickly got acquainted with each other. This was the first time most of these fellas had met in the flesh. It was only my second time seeing Royce and Dylan and my first time meeting Ryan and Steele.   

Some of us shot on film and some shot with digital cameras. We goofed around a little while Dylan went to his car to fetch his c-stand and paper backdrop to shoot some portraits with. The session was almost flawless – besides the c-stand trying to kill me twice. 

We finished up the portraits, some random BTS and a group photo. As Dylan puts it, “we just walked around downtown Gainesville and kicked it for a little while.” 

It was truly the best gathering of 2017 so far. I’m definitely looking forward to next month’s meet up. 

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Here are some of my photos from the meetup and the evening prior. 

Voigtlander Bessa R2A with Ilford FP4 +800

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